Permanent Makeup

permanent make-up

Permanent Makeup

This ara of android and 4g has given solutions to almost all the problems, the reason of which is technology upradation. So, with technology, beauty industry is also up grading. The current example of this up gradation is permanent makeup. Permanent makeup is the permanent solution to the beauty and skin related problems. Because of this reason, it is now not only a maleup technique but also a special type of treatment. Those who wish for a glowing skin, permanent makeup is the best option for them. Permanent makeup is like tattoo art in which, with the use of the needle a pigment is injected in the upper layer of the skin.

Options available in Permanent Makeup-

  • Permanent Eyebrows
  • Permanent Eyeliner
  • Permanent Kajal
  • Permanent Lipliner
  • Permanent Beauty Spot
  • Permanent Lipcolor
  • Permanent Coloring

Permanent Eyebrows

permanent eyebrows
What are permanent eyebrows?

In this process, using a machine eyebrows are given a beautiful shape and desirable colour in much a way that it wll not get tarnished either by water or sweat. German colours and needles are used in this process. permanent makeup has no side effects. After the process redness can be seen on the skin which will disappear after 15-20 minutes.

Who needs Permanent Makeup?

Customers generally go for permanent makeup when they lose the colour of their eyebrows beacause of any reason or they are unhappy with the shape of their eyebrows. These problems are generally shorted with the help of eyebrow pencils but that is temporary. There are many reasons why one has of face this broblem. Sometimes a childhood injury can give you a mark on your eyebrows or treatment of disease link cancer can lead to hair loss. Moreover some people naturally have light coloured eyebrows. The solution to all these problems is permanent makeup.

Revival of Cancer Survivors through Permanent Makeup

Cancer is a disease which leads to not only physical instability but also mental instability. This disease gets more painful when you start losing your eyebrows. Beautiful eyebrows give a farme & glow to your face. Permanent eyebrows are not only a solution to their problem eyebrows are not only a solution to their problem but also given them confidence.