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A well-plucked eyebrow can transform the overall appearance of your face – it adds to the definition around your eyes and prepares the eyes for the best in world eye makeup. Go for it on a monthly or quarterly basis – this process is a must for every woman.


Likewise as the above procedure – hairs above your lips should also be removed – if they are prominent enough. Go for it and feel the difference!


Some people have visibly black hair on their forehead. If you are amongst the ones – opt for a forehead threading process. And, you’ll be good to go


A well defined jaw-line needs no hair around it… To attain a chiseled look, you must remove your side locks and be that ultimate diva.


Genetic or hormonal factors lead to hairs around our chin – especially, in later years of age in women. To control them a threading procedure on your chin can be done to give you that “40-is-the-new-30” feel!


People are often seen neglecting their necks as compared to their faces. It, although needs your utmost attention, as it is the most visible part of your body after face. Remove the hairs on your neck and be ready to flaunt it with comfort!


It’s a boon to have a normal/problem free skin. One has a reason to rejoice if she is blessed with such skin. Such skin can be bleached easily without any irritation and inflammation like woes – any quality bleach would suit it – hiding the unwanted hairs – giving out a scar free skin. So, if you have normal skin, opt for Oxy/Wella/Gold variants at your nearest branch of Alps.


Stop saying no to bleach – Jolen/Protein/Fem/Milk bleach has come to rescue for people with sensitive skin which cannot endure the effects of normal bleaches available in the market. The specially formulated variants are soft on skin – while our even softer staff – leave you wanting for more


The regular wax, not just takes care of the unwanted hair, but also the tanning caused by Sun’s harmful UV rays, hence making your skin soft, smooth and fairer.


Prepared with 98% natural ingredients, Rica wax is path breaking outcome of Alps. Free from chemicals like; colophony, petroleum oils, it is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. With its superior grip on hair – yes, not the skin, this wax works like magic – making it easier to wax the same area for a super smooth finish.


We know you are drooling over the name. Yes! We at Alps use chocolate in wax which leaves your skin soft and supple; with a fragrance that will make you fall in love with yourself and all this without any pain. To experience this exotic method of hair removal, we know you won’t mind shedding some extra bucks!


Fruits are enriched with the goodness of nature and exfoliation is a need. Fruit Exfoliation nurtures your skin with the fruity richness. Suitable for any skin type, especially sensitive skin which can’t tolerate chemicals; the facial gently exfoliates and helps revive dull skin. The exfoliation, with its unique concoction of vitamins and minerals, improves skin tone and leaves your skin feeling fresh and supple.


Aloe Vera instantly soothes fine lines and wrinkles and visibly improves skin laxity and texture. Very cooling, healing and soothing in nature, Aloe Vera repairs and strengthens the skin barrier and epidermal layer to create an immediate lifting effect without causing irritation, makingit a perfect pick-me-up treatment for special occasions.


Glow Facial infuses skin with special ingredients proven to impart a healthy glow on face through a renewed texture and radiance of the skin. This unique treatment is formulated using combination of science and nature and is designed to achieve cumulated, long-term improvement in skin’s health, texture and tone.


Wish you had better skin? Go for a Fruit Bio Peel to give your skin a new life – prevent acne, get rid of sun spots, attain a better complexion and a lot more…Skin peeling aids in rejuvenating the skin and what could be better than a Fruit Bio Peel that would actually work like a tonic on your skin. So why waiting? Infuse the goodness of fruits to make your skin glow like never before!


Collagen is used as dermal fillers for treatment of wrinkles and skin aging. Likewise, collagen facial too helps in boosting skin elasticity and texture; in order to make you look beautiful for years to come! It also helps in contouring other face problems such as; scars, large pores, sun spots and sagging skin – therefore there is no age limit to opt for this one!


Gold is one of the mostdesired precious metals, and now you can bless your skin with a touch of gold with our Golden Facial too! The facial involves the use of a gold in uniquely designed seven product kit including a scrub, a cream and a gel that are made from 24 carat gold and are also enriched with various essential nutrients. The facial helps nourish and revitalize your skin, while accelerating cell renewal and restoring vital PH balance, leaving you with a glorious golden glow.


AHA’s (Alpha Hydroxy Acids) are the fruit extracts that remove the dead and worn out cells. Now, keep your skin forever young and glowing with Alps’ revolutionary AHA Facial. AHA’s natural extracts is one of the most potent defoliators and regenerator of skin cells. Hence this facial will remove all traces of dead skin layer, exposing fresh and young skin underneath. The technique is absolutely safe using laser and ultra sonic devices to impregnate AHA creams into deeper layers of skin for quicker, surer and faster results.


Technology is booming even to the minutest level of life; why spare beauty then! Photo facial is one such technological advancement in beauty care. Done using a photo facial machine, this facial restricts aging of your skin making it look forever young. Evading in to the deepest of your skin the “light” involved in photo facial make it glow like it too!


Likewise its cleanup, Aloe Vera facial too causes super cooling effect on the skin making it soft and supple. Also as facial implies massaging with soft hands – feather touch as we call it! Therefore, it tends to more beneficial than a normal cleanup. Besides cleaning the dirt off the skin, rubbing this “green wonder” on skin actually endows it with benefits of pure nature.


Our skin is exposed to a variety of things like sun rays, dust, pollution and many more. This makes it lose the natural luster and shine. Skin polishing brings an instant glow by revealing the young skin underneath. Polishing brings out the vibrancy of your skin by removing the tanning of skin as well. The micro particles used in the product used for polishing exfoliates, revive and bestows the epidermal layer with a new shine


People have enjoyed drinking wine for centuries but now people have understood its benefits for skin and started using it for facial. Wine facial is now-a-days becoming very popular. It is recommended for all types of skin. Wine contains anti-oxidants which help to get the toxins out of the skin and makes the skin look younger and clearer. Red wine stimulates blood circulation rejuvenates and increases skin elasticity so very useful in making skin firmer, whiter and making brighter


Relax, re-energize and refresh your senses and body with a Simple massage. A deep-tissue, holistic treatment that brings a sense of wellbeing and calm as it incorporates the philosophy of stretching and aromatherapy. While realigning your mind, body and spirit, a Simple Massage calms your nerves and increases the flow of energy; along with oxygen in your body.


et the scents of the oils used in Full Body Massage take over your senses, while essential oils are massaged deep into your muscles by experienced hands. Stimulatingyour system and eventually improving the immune system, the massage is known to naturally make you get rid of your body of toxins. Treating your body to a full body massage on a regular basis facilitates deep relaxation of the muscles, while providing relief from strain, exhaustion and injury.


Just like face, our body also needs severe cleansing as daily bathing is not enough in today’s polluted world – what better than a scrub-pack session for our bodies too! At Alps, each and every scrub and pack has been especially formed to detoxify your body, while nourishing it with vitamin and mineral enriched formulations. Most of the scrubs are blended with seasonal fruits that moisturize and refresh your skin along with eliminating toxins. While the natural fruit acids cleanse your body to reveal a beautiful glowing complexion, the exotic aromas are sure to take your senses on the road of wellbeing; even before the.


Relax, re-energize and refresh your senses and body with a Simple massage. A deep-tissue, holistic treatment that brings a sense of wellbeing and calm as it incorporates the philosophy of stretching and aromatherapy. While realigning your mind, body and spirit, a Simple Massage calms your nerves and increases the flow of energy; along with oxygen in your body.


If it is your D-day it’s incomplete without the Uptan ritual where a mixture of homemade ingredients are applied on the bride’s face and body – for infusing a unique glow on her. Alps, understood the importance of this ritual and therefore formulated a special Uptan – containing besan, milk, honey and other aromatic oils – this mixture is applied to you under professional supervision – you are ought