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Be ready to infuse the goodness of vitamin-C into your skin. Done using a special galvanic machine, this treatment refreshes and brightens the skin inside-out by penetrating real fruit extracts into the deeper layers. No wonder it supplies it with the needed amount of vitamin-C and giving it a fresh glow by enhancing the collagen production of skin-cells. And, result is a fair supple and glowing skin!


Snow-white treatment endows you with that milky & silky everyone desires. Best for would-be brides who want instant fairness, this treatment with its special melanin-reducing technology, provides them intense results from the first sitting itself! So, if you wish to celebrate beauty by looking a fair-pretty lady – go for this one now


Suffering from dull skin woes? Don’t worry you’re not the only one! Thanks to the exposure of skin to sun rays, dust, pollution, harsh weather conditions – the problem is faced almost every other girl. Shine & Glossy unveils a super-glossy sheen on your skin, by revealing the brighter skin underneath by putting fresh fruits extracts and glycerin to good use. A boon for ladies with dry-skin, indeed!


Collagen is the key ingredient for maintaining skin’s youth and boosting the skin elasticity and texture. This treatment uses this wonder-element as dermal fillers on your skin to repair fine lines and wrinkles, in order to make you look up to 10 years younger! Not just this, it this wonder-treatment combats scars, large pores, sun spots and sagging skin – therefore there is no age limit to opt for this one!


The abbreviation for this facial stands for rehydrate, rejuvenate, and regenerate. As multi-tasking one, RRR is one of the most effective anti-aging treatments available at ALPS. Doing justice to its name, it endows the skin with the magic of three. The facial works best for aging skin by repairing, exfoliating and helping it in the regeneration of new skin. Plus, it tones up the facial muscles with the help of face lifting movements – double whammy!


To preserve the youthfulness of the skin, moisture and elasticity of the skin play major roles. To defy the number of aging years, indulge in this age-away Elastin treatment. This treatment includes use of skin-rejuvenating therapies like laser and bioptron. A skin-firming gel is penetrated in the deep layers of the skin. To end the treatment a protein based aging mask is applied. And you get a firmer, clearer and fairer skin.


Ever felt gold on your skin! With this one, you are bound to do so. As a better and more effective sequel to Gold Facial –Super-Gold adds an innate amount of lush fairness to your skin. It involves an intense exfoliating from deeper inside the skin and penetrating pure 24 K gold foils, in the deeper layers of skin that helps bring out the natural luster of the skin in just no time!


Mineral facial treatment supplies essential minerals to the skin which gives good nourishment to the skin cells. Nano technology is used to infuse hydro ions to the skin there by making skin plump & hydrated. It diminishes the ageing signs.


Living up to its name, YSM literally “masks” all imperfections in a single sitting. Made with 95% of pure collagen, it fulfills the entire collagen requirement of the skin. This intense anti-aging procedure is highly effective is removing all kinds of scars including even burn-marks! Great for intensifying skin-regeneration process, the treatment eventually diminishes fine line, wrinkles and sagginess, while further reinforcing the formation of fresh skin.


Yearn for a flawless skin? Go for this organic exfoliating treatment, to give your skin a new life! Done using an herbal peel filled with papaya enzymes, Fruit-Bio Peel helps prevent acne marks, sun spots and other pigmentation spots to attain a better complexion. A special fruit gel is penetrated with the help of galvanic machine that would actually work like a tonic on your skin. Infuse the goodness of fruits to make your skin glow like never before! Few sessions of fruit bio-peel is sure to turn the skin brighter and flawless.


Meant for removing intense scars, spots and burn marks on the facial skin; a Derma Abrasion Treatment is a must for problematic skin. This treatment involves deep & mechanical exfoliation of the skin to remove the outer most, dead layer – gently and evenly. It helps to diminish tanning, acne scars, burn or accidental scars, hyper pigmentation, fine lines & dull complexion etc.


also called yellow laser is bipolar light whic helps to rejuvenate the skin and helps in diminishing appearance of dark circles. This treatment is given in combination with localized AHA and young skin mask.