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No, in contradiction to the popular belief, hair cut does not only mean short hair! We are determined to give you a suitable haircut for you face, that will accentuate your features and endow you personality that charms


Whether you go a rich shade of chocolate brown, an edgy platinum blonde, or a fiery red-head, find personalized hair color tips, ideas and of course get it done…only at BhartiTaneja’s Alps! Coloring of hair is no longer confined to just covering your greys; but means much playfulness – in and around your tresses


There’s nothing like sleek and sexy hair that fall-down, on your shoulders for those picture-perfect selfies! And, with Bharti Taneja’s ALPS you can assure yourself of damage-free, re-bonding session that almost lasts for ages!


Admit it, our mane needs pampering at least every quarter – so what about a technique that not only nourishes it but even gives it an unmatched style? Yes, smoothening is the answer for all your dull, dry and frizzy hair woes; given magnanimously by Bharti Taneja’s ALPS!


Meant primarily for covering you greys, Root touch-ups are done on the grey portions of your hair. Just choose a color that suits your skin tone and be ready to flaunt those gorgeous locks – sans any grey hair.


In fashion for some time now; there’s no one saying no to streaks. This hair-coloring done in portions is a huge trend amongst all as it adds a young vibe to one’s persona. The right streaks done in a right way adds volume, texture to your mane- eventually becoming your way to glory.


Bored with the shade of hair you’re born with! Try coloring your tresses all over – from root to tip and feel the difference. Our experts suggest you the color best suited got you – along with coloring with utmost care with our skilled team.


Every female loves to see beautiful and full volume hair, especially the hairs that are never-ending and have a great length. You might want to have awesome looking long, thick hair with shine and volume, don’t you?


Living up to its name, YSM literally “masks” all imperfections in a single sitting. Made with 95% of pure collagen, it fulfills the entire collagen requirement of the skin. This intense anti-aging procedure is highly effective is removing all kinds of scars including even burn-marks! Great for intensifying skin-regeneration process, the treatment eventually diminishes fine line, wrinkles and sagginess, while further reinforcing the formation of fresh skin.


Yearn for a flawless skin? Go for this organic exfoliating treatment, to give your skin a new life! Done using an herbal peel filled with papaya enzymes, Fruit-Bio Peel helps prevent acne marks, sun spots and other pigmentation spots to attain a better complexion. A special fruit gel is penetrated with the help of galvanic machine that would actually work like a tonic on your skin. Infuse the goodness of fruits to make your skin glow like never before! Few sessions of fruit bio-peel is sure to turn the skin brighter and flawless.


Meant for removing intense scars, spots and burn marks on the facial skin; a Derma Abrasion Treatment is a must for problematic skin. This treatment involves deep & mechanical exfoliation of the skin to remove the outer most, dead layer – gently and evenly. It helps to diminish tanning, acne scars, burn or accidental scars, hyper pigmentation, fine lines & dull complexion etc.


also called yellow laser is bipolar light whic helps to rejuvenate the skin and helps in diminishing appearance of dark circles. This treatment is given in combination with localized AHA and young skin mask.

Types of hair fall & various reasons behind hair fall

Hair loss may be light or severe but in both cases it is worrisome. It is normal for some hair to fall out as a result of aging or hormonal imbalance or a vitamin deficiency. Other common causes of temporary hair loss include illnesses, surgery, medications, medical treatments (such as chemotherapy), pregnancy, poorly performed hair treatments (such as dying or bleaching), and poor nutrition.

What Causes Hairfall

There can be a many reasons which can be further classified in external and internal factors

The External Factors: The external factors certainly include situations, like, change in weather, dandruff, excessive usage of chemicals, hygiene factors, lack of regular care and more…
The Internal Issues: Hair problems occur due to several internal issues like lack of nutrition, genetic factors, stress, hormonal disorders, and health issues – like thyroid, high/low blood pressure, constipation, diabetes etc. Hair loss is also produced as side-effect of medicines taken for ailments like high/low blood pressure, thyroid etc. It is important to see medical advice when there is not apparently reason for hair loss.

Hair fall consultation at Alps Beauty Clinic

Our experts closely examine your scalp as well as hair to identify the type and texture. Thereafter a treatment is carefully planned to treat the cause of hair fall from its roots. Each hair therapy at Alps Beauty clinic is strongly rooted in sceince, technology and our rich knowledge of natural herbs. The blend of science and nature in our meticulously crafted hair treatments make them unique and result-oriented. Whether your hair feel frizzy or sclap is dry or the hair have just gone under some intense hair-styling and hair coloring, these treatments ensure that your scalp gets some deep nourishment so that your hair become stronger, thicker and glossier. Unlike usual hair-spas, our hair treatment use technology and natural ingredients to give you internally strong hair. Our hair treatments are quite popular among women who love hair coloring and styling.

Types of hair fall treatments Alps offers


Dandruff is a scalp condition that causes flaking and itching. Over-the-counter medicated shampoos are commonly used to control dandruff. But they wash off the dandruff on a superficial level. Our Hair fall and Dandruff treatment in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad called ozone therapy which is safe and highly effective to get rid of dandruff.
Ozone treatment for dandruff relies on the application of high-frequency ozone rays to penetrate the scalp. Ozone treatment for dandruff involves the use of a comb-like device that is applied to the hair and scalp. The comb attached to ozone machine passes the rays to the scalp .The ozone hair comb is used for 15 to 20 minutes once per week after shampooing. It require around 3-4 session to get rid of dandruff completely.

  • No anesthesia /no surgery/no risk
  • It is completely painless and without any side effects.
  • No downtime
  • Ozone treatment also control hair loss and increase the density of the hairs

Bioptron treatment

With an edge of science and technology, Bioptron is one of the most advanced treatment to fix hair fall. The treatment begins with thoroughly cleaning the scalp. It advisable not use hair tonic or oil before going for this session. After cleaning the scalp, the hair are dried. Once your scalp and hair are completely dry, yellow lasers are used on your scalp to revive hair cells. This cell rejuvenation through yellow laser helps in hair growth. At least 2-3 session of this treatment are required to get desired results.