Eligibility :

The eligible client for pulsed light is anyone above 14 years of age and having unwanted hair on the body. But she needs to be screened medically to rule out any internal factor or hormonal imbalance like thyroid dysfunction, ovarian cyst, hyper prolactnaemia etc.

Repetition of next sitting :

The repetition of treatment session depends on the growth pattern but a minimum gap of 25 days is atleast required. As the treatment advances the growth of hair starts delaying and treatment sessions are planned accordingly.

Improvement percentage to be promised :

If physical factors are within normal limits a reduction in hair density upto 70-90% can be achieved. Fair complexioned people with dark and normal textured hair show quickest response.

Contra Indication:

People on steroid therapy and blood thinner medication
Gray Hair

Precautions :

No waxing, bleaching or threading should be done during the course of treatment
Apply sun screen if treatment is done on exposed parts
Any harsh & chemical based products, scrubs to be avoided for 48 hours.