A charming and well-groomed personality is the need of the hour – and, a gorgeous nail art can add to that! Seriously, the world is becoming bolder by every passing day; so exhibiting the boldness and creativity, people are seen experimenting with nails too! Alps can help you get brownies in that with our talented and creative team of nail-artists!


These days everyone loves adorning their hands and feet with bright colored nail-paints to complement their outfits. If you’re one of such, you may go for Soak-off nail paints, that are super-in these and last up to 20 days after application! You can get it done at ALPS Beauty Clinics, one of the oldest beauty salons in Delhi and known for its assorted beauty services.


Long and beautiful nails enhance the beauty of the hands but not everyone is blessed with strong and beautiful nails. Nail extension is a way to get long and lovely nails if your nails don’t naturally grow long. Artificial nails are added to your original nails to give them length.