Make-up Courses



Every face has some or the other type of flaws due to acne and pimples, pigmentation, burns, injuries, other skin disorders, oiliness, uneven texture of skin, improper shape of the face. This course is a solution for all these problems and teaches you the skills to confidently rectify the shape of face & features and conceal flaws of any face, including double chin, flat nose, and other natural or minor accidental marks.

  • Color theory
  • Tools of make up
  • Transparent make up
  • Party make up
  • Engagement make up
  • Corrective make up
  • Water proof make up
  • Christian bride
  • Bengali bride
  • Muslim bride
  • Traditional bridal make up
  • Different types of eye make ups
  • Double shading
  • Groom make up
  • Designer bindies
  • Fixing False eyelashes etc.


Want to step in the world of glamor? Or, wish to rub shoulders with models and actors? This is your opening to huge career as a makeup artist. They call it an artist because it is your creativity and artistic blend that will lead you to grow by beautifying top models, actors and actresses. It is all possible with this course. The skills can effectively be utilized for stage make up, Fashion shows, TV and films. Through theoretical and intense practical training we assure you the career of a trained professional makeup artist. You will be able to confidently rectify the shape and conceal flaws of any face, including double chin, flat nose, and other natural or accidental aberrations.

  • Professional appearance
  • Tools of make up
  • Color wheel
  • Different types of eye makeup
  • Corrective Makeup
  • Ramp Make up
  • Fantasy Make up
  • Stage Makeup
  • T.V. & Film Make up
  • Portfolio Make up
  • Glossy Makeup
  • Royal Makeup
  • Silicon Makeup
  • HD spray Makeup
  • Anti-wrinkle Makeup
  • Retro Makeup
  • Thematic Makeup
  • Promotional Makeup
  • Attachment of wigs, false hair and buns.


The biggest Power is to bring about a change – learn how to transform anyone from the ordinary to the extra ordinary from the most educated professional in the industry. From basic make up techniques to providing permanent makeovers. This course teaches you all. Learn Airbrush and give fastest and almost blended high defamation make over by this technique and pull the industry after equipping ourselves with all the techniques possible.

  • Color wheel
  • Tools of make up
  • Transparent make up
  • Party makeup
  • Engagement makeup
  • Christian bride
  • Muslim Bride
  • Bengali Bride
  • Traditional Bride
  • Designer Bindies
  • Ramp Makeup
  • Fantasy Make up –Stage Makeup
  • Film Makeup
  • Portfolio Makeup
  • Glossy Makeup
  • Royal Makeup
  • Silicon Makeup
  • Knowledge of Permanent Make up Machine
  • Permanent eye brows, eye liners, lip liner, lipstick, beauty spot.
  • Coloring of leucoderma patches.
  • Airbrush Makeup Technique for doing various kinds of make up
  • Making base, eye shadow and even eye liners with airbrush


If you are a person with artistic inclination, this is the course for you. Certificate in Nail Art will give you the opportunity of making a career with new talent. Make exquisite designs on your client’s nails to win a lot of appreciation along with tons of money. You can open your own specialized nail art spa/salon or work as a nail art artist in various beauty clinics. This opens a whole new world where you will grow with your talent.

  • Nail shapes
  • Filing of nails
  • Hands and nail care
  • Nail Paint and polish
  • Creating nail art
  • Brush designs
  • Marble designs
  • Needle designing
  • Swarovski designs
  • Tattoos & Stickers
  • Designs using different accessories


Saree is synonymous with the real image of an Indian woman. It is one of the most elegant attires a woman can ever adorn. This nine-yard wonder can be draped in different ways to achieve the most stylish and graceful look. Saree draping is an art and involves lot of creativity. This course offers you to try your hands on 21 different styles of saree, lehenga and dupatta tying. Just invest your 15 days to master this art of a lifetime!

  • Saree draping according to figure
  • Saree draping according to fabric
  • Saree draping according to design
  • Draping of designer sarees according to occasions
  • Accessories setting on saree


Alps, understands your dream of attaining the pinnacle and therefore is here to help you! Enhance your communication and management skills through our course in Salon Management and gain distinction in Staff management, crisis management, store management and much more…The course in will empower you with soft skills along with the hard skills required to deal with your staff as well as clients. Besides it, also learn the basic tricks of advertising and marketing, utterly crucial for surviving in this competitive business of beauty.

  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Importance of retail sale
  • Communication Skills
  • Making of Appointment Sheet
  • Mode of Payment
  • Work relations with staff
  • Client Care
  • Body Language
  • Data collection
  • Store Management
  • Advertising
  • Staff Management
  • Hazards in the clinic

CBHM (Certificate in Beauty, Hair & Makeup) (DURATION : 6 Months)

This is a short duration, yet highly comprehensive course. The beauty industry is highly dynamic in nature. To excel in this field you have to have your basics right. Your ground level knowledge should be nothing short of 10 on 10. The course covers both basic and advance levels of beauty and hair. “Certificate in Beauty Hair and Makeup” course is the first step to enter the beauty world. In a nut shell, this comprehensive course covers a wide range of beauty and hair aspects. Once you have mastered the skills, you can create and enhance your beauty like never before.

  • Anatomy & physiology of skin
  • Nutrition & allergy along with skin care
  • Kit preparation for Threading, eye brows shaping etc
  • Type of waxing, Contraindication
  • Red/Katori wax usage and precautions
  • Types of bleaching, skin analysis, and application of each
  • Body Massage with the knowledge of pressure points
  • Basic manicure
  • Basic pedicure
  • Use of ozone machine
  • Knowledge of machines according to facials
  • 10 Types of facials
  • Water proof and corrective make up
  • Transparent, Party & Bridal Make-up etc.
  • 5 Types of saree tying
  • Hair Anatomy
  • 10 Types of Hair Cuts
  • 20 Hairstyle
  • Rebonding
  • Perming for long, medium and short hair
  • Shampoo and Conditioning
  • Henna
  • Dye application and allergies
  • Hair Color key 1 (Reflects not included)
  • Types of Head Massage with pressure points
  • Thermal hair settings
  • Face shapes & how to advice cuts & styles according to it.

DBHM (Diploma in Beauty, Hair & Makeup) (DURATION : 8 Months)

There’s no business like show business and beauty is a serious part of show business. The need to look beautiful has compelled most people to seek professional help and consequently, we planned out this course for aspirants who seek to pursue a career in the world of fashion and beauty. A large number of students are pursuing it as they are assured of a promising future and rewarding returns. “Diploma in Beauty Hair and Makeup” will help you to have full knowledge about all aspects of beauty, hair and makeup to discover new avenues for your career and professional growth; under a creative and modern learning atmosphere.

  • Anatomy & physiology of skin
  • Nutrition & allergy along with skin care
  • Kit preparation for Threading, eye brows shaping etc.
  • Types of waxing, Contraindication
  • Red/katori wax usage and precautions
  • Types of bleaches, skin analysis & their application
  • Body Massage with the knowledge of pressure points
  • Body Bleaching, preparation and application
  • Body wax application techniques
  • Method and preparation of body polishing
  • Body wax, method and precautions
  • 3 types of manicure
  • 3 types of pedicure
  • 15 types of facials
  • Water proof and corrective make up
  • Transparent make up
  • Day and night Party make up
  • Four types of traditional makeup
  • Different types of eye make ups. – Groom Make-up
  • High definition and royal make up
  • Make up for ramp, portfolio and stage
  • Silicon make up
  • 10 Types of saree tying
  • Hair Anatomy
  • Face shapes and how to advice cuts & styles according to it
  • 15 types of Hair Cuts
  • 30 types of Hairstyle
  • Re-bonding
  • Perming for long, medium and short hair
  • Shampoo and Conditioning
  • Henna
  • Dye application & allergies
  • Hair Color theory and practical
  • Types of Head Massages with pressure points
  • Hair treatments for falling hair, dandruff & baldness
  • Deep conditioning and hair spa

PGDBHM (Post Graduate Diploma in Beauty, Hair & Makeup) (DURATION : 10 Months + Internship : 2 Months (One Year) )

Before one starts any business, he has to be an expert in core techniques,advanced specialized skills, management skills and should know how to cut down costs. This courses gives you all this and anything under the sun in the world of fashion & beauty. Become unbeatable by intensives practice and gear up to start your salon the day you get your diploma!

  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Red/katori wax usage
  • Bikini wax
  • Body polishing
  • 5 types of manicure and pedicure
  • 20 types of facials
  • 20 types of saree tyingsa
  • 20 types of hair cut
  • 40 types of hair style
  • Re-bonding
  • Hair color key 1 and 2
  • Various application techniques of hair color
  • Bridal make up of different religions
  • Make upon ramp, portfolio and stage
  • Communication skills
  • Retail sales
  • Store Management
  • Body language
  • Work relations with staff and client care
  • Learn to make basic beauty and hair products.
  • Make different aromatic oil blends according to clients needs.
  • Pressure points of face and body
  • Permanent Makeup
  • The Symptoms, Causes and techniques to treat various skin problems like acne, scars, burn marks, chicken pox marks, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, puffy eyes, under eye dark circles etc.
  • Learn to use machines like yellow / red laser, galvanic, ozone, micro derma abrasion, micro massager, rod / pads face lifting, ultrasonic, infra red lamp, different kinds of streamers, photo facial machine etc.