Beauty care is one of the most popular disciplines in modern times

With mushrooming beauty salons, even in smaller towns, beauty is one of the most lucrative businesses today. And with these outlets, emerges a great demand for the beauticians, skin care experts and hairdressers. Also, as the world is going all fashionable; where no one can even breath without being stylish – it is commendable and would be great if you will be a part of this super success. Alps Academy recognizes this increasing demand and is committed to creating professionals who go on to accomplish pinnacles of success both financially and professionally. So, be ready to play a crucial role in the beauty industry that will make you enhance and improve the overall aspects of beauty in one’s personality – by grooming them to the utmost. That too, all this with a huge amount of glamour and money!

Alps Academy provides scientific learning with an aesthetic approach. The faculty at Alps Academy incorporates reasoning with theory lectures to make sure that the students understand theoretical facts to the core. Diligent effort is made to explain in detail about the various phenomenon affecting human body, skin, and hair in particular so that the budding beauty professionals get their fundamentals correctly. Using latest tools of classroom teaching, such as; projectors and slides, along with hands-on training on most modern machines also and advantages to the students.

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